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Well, it’s been awhile since I last posted. Things have been kind of crazy in my life. We bought a house and are moving in on Friday, so that takes up a lot of my time. Not that there’s really much to do exactly (most of our stuff is still in boxes, so there’s limited packing that needs to be done), but imagining how I’m going to decorate takes up a lot of energy. Plus, I’ve mentally moved all of our stuff about three times a day in the past couple of weeks, which is also just very exhausting.

Also, this is a TV blog and so far, summer TV kinda . . . sucks. In fact, if I had to some up with something that sums up my thoughts on the summer season so far, it would be:

So, the countdown is on! July 15 – Breaking Bad. Originally, I thought that I might re-watch the entire series to prepare for the epicness that is sure to be Season 5 (Part 1), but I haven’t found the time (see above).  I can’t even imagine what is in store for Walt and Jesse now that (SPOILER ALERT) Gus is dead. My gut tells me that the first few episodes will show Walt as the new kingpin, continuing his descent into the darkness. But, I have no idea how exactly any of this will go down. How will Mike react? Will Jesse find out that Walt poisoned Brock (I think yes) and what will he do to Walt when he finds out? When will Hank finally figure everything out? And what about poor old dead Ted Beneke? That has to come back up at some point right? Anyway, there’s really no point in speculating too much because my tiny brain is unable to comprehend the genius that is Breaking Bad. I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Project Runway also returns in July. While I enjoyed the All-Stars season, it will be nice to see Heidi, Nina, Michael, and Tim again. They’ve released the pictures and mini-bios of the contestants (you can check them out here). I haven’t read through all of them in depth but, judging on looks alone (and really, that’s all I’m prepared to do with reality TV contestants at this point), I don’t have very high hopes for this season. There’s an awful lot of trying-too-hard hair mixed with I’m-far-too-creative-to-wear-flattering-clothes that leads me to think there’s going to be a lot of drama queens/I just want to be on TV/I’m far too serious of a designer to make clothes out of pasta. So anyway, I hope they prove me wrong and I’ll of course watch every moment and cross my fingers that at least some interesting clothes come out of it.

Now, just because I haven’t blogged doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching the thus-far generally crappy summer TV offerings. America’s Got Talent has been generally okay, although I can’t really get invested in anyone until the Vegas round at least. I had my reservations about Howard Stern as a judge, but he’s been fine. I’m not crazy about the fact that the show has started to focus more on the antics of the judges (and Nick) than the contestants, but oh well. Sister Wives has also been excellent this season, but the finale is this weekend and I’m not really sure how to review it without a constant refrain of “Robyn sucks.” Suffice it to say, I don’t like Robyn, but I really like the Brown family and I whole-heartedly agree that polygamy should be legal as long as it’s practiced among consenting adults (none of that cult pedophile crap). I also like the fact that the kids seem normal – they like to do normal things, some of them want to be polygamous, some of them don’t, and anyway they seem well-adjusted. So, that’s some enjoyable Sunday viewing right there. Other than that, it’s been mostly sports. Baseball, basketball playoffs, US Open (golf), French Open (tennis), and pretty much any other sport you can televise.

But – things will change in July. Breaking Bad and Project Runway. Be prepared for the return of TV blogging greatness.


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Better late than never – I was out of town until last night, so here’s my ANTM finale recap, a day late.

The episode begins with the Cover Girl photo and commercial shoot. Since Laura and Sophie seem to actually like each other, the drama has to come from elsewhere. Luckily, Laura has a panic attack during the Cover Girl shoot and has to be taken to the hospital. Unlike real life, they let her have a redo the next day and she fares well. They briefly show the Vogue Italia photo shoot, but not enough to really get a sense of how things are going to turn out. In actuality, the most drama from the first section was the case of Sophie’s ever-changing pink hair. No shot is the same – at the photo shoot, it’s vibrant pink. At the hotel right after, it’s faded, and in the interviews, it’s mostly blonde. I don’t get it.

The runway walk for Forever 21 was actually really cool. Combining video screen images with the real models made everything seem much more epic. Unlike previous seasons (where the runway was super long, or had a ton of different levels, or was covered in water), this actually seemed like it could be a legitimate Forever 21 fashion show. That being said, all of the visual effects meant that you kind of lost sight of the girls themselves. Also, they only walked across the front of the stage, not down through the audience, so I don’t know how effective it would be in actually showing off the clothing. But hey, that’s Forever 21’s problem, not mine.

At panel (where the girls were finally allowed to wear actual dresses instead of their flag shirts), the judges critiqued the Cover Girl commercial first. This year, the commercials were supposed to include “behind-the-scenes” footage from filming all season. Laura’s reading was crappy, but the candid shots were great. Sophie’s reading was awesome, but the candid shots were crappy. For some reason, the judges criticized Sophie for this, but unless they didn’t show the part where the girls were responsible for choosing their shots, I fail to see how that could have been her fault. They should have been criticizing the editor’s choices.

Anyway, after much deliberation and recap of the previous challenges, the winner is:

Sophie! I think she was definitely the strongest of the competition and so I’m obviously glad she was chosen. I don’t watch Extra, but I suspect she has a better personality for interviewing “celebrities” than Laura does, and overall everything was just stronger.

The ending of the season is a little bittersweet with the news that Nigel and the Jays are out for next season. It certainly won’t be the same without them, and I’m not sure who she could bring in to replace them. However, it might not be as big of a deal as it seems, as the previews at the end of this episode suggested that the viewers could be the ones voting on the winner, perhaps rendering the judges useless anyway. Only time will tell! In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out to see if Sophie is able to actually break through and become the show’s first successful top model.

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